Wind, Ticks and Dust Oh My!

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Fresh Oil

IMG_7703 Have you ever seen this road sign?

El Nino


Well, the temperature is up and the mud is in full gear, thank you global warming! While last year January was stocked full of -40 degree days we are having a regular heat wave this year. Temps were over 40 degrees several times this week. We even went to the park a few times! This makes me very, very happy.

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Down With Winter Boredom

IMG_5795Sometimes the boy just needs to run, and I don’t mean from one side of the apartment to the other knocking every single thing over, and I don’t mean down the hallway while knocking on every single neighbors door. I mean run run. Do you see that naughty face?

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December Weekends


In my previous life, the second weekend of December was filled with trips down town, hitting up a half a dozen malls, drooling over things I couldn’t afford, inevitably buying at least one thing I couldn’t afford, and getting glitter all.over.the.apartment. (just ask Danny, he loved that part). Continue reading