El Nino


Well, the temperature is up and the mud is in full gear, thank you global warming! While last year January was stocked full of -40 degree days we are having a regular heat wave this year. Temps were over 40 degrees several times this week. We even went to the park a few times! This makes me very, very happy.

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Down With Winter Boredom

IMG_5795Sometimes the boy just needs to run, and I don’t mean from one side of the apartment to the other knocking every single thing over, and I don’t mean down the hallway while knocking on every single neighbors door. I mean run run. Do you see that naughty face?

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December Weekends


In my previous life, the second weekend of December was filled with trips down town, hitting up a half a dozen malls, drooling over things I couldn’t afford, inevitably buying at least one thing I couldn’t afford, and getting glitter all.over.the.apartment. (just ask Danny, he loved that part). Continue reading