Down With Winter Boredom

IMG_5795Sometimes the boy just needs to run, and I don’t mean from one side of the apartment to the other knocking every single thing over, and I don’t mean down the hallway while knocking on every single neighbors door. I mean run run. Do you see that naughty face?


I discovered (can I still say discovered if everyone else already knew about it?) that we have a gym here, open whenever it’s not reserved. Benj and I went there one day and realized that neither one of us really wanted to play with the other so I took to group chat and arranged a little rendezvous. Hey, can your kid come and chase my kid until he is tired enough to take a really really long nap? Turns out I wasn’t the only one feeling couped up.











This will be a regular occurrence until the sun decides to come out. You wanna join us? Email me with your number and I’ll add you to the group chat –

4 thoughts on “Down With Winter Boredom

    • You got it Grandma! Next time we’re in utah lets do a experiment, set him loose in your house and see how long it takes him to accomplish total destruction😄 I’m thinking between 2 and 3 minutes!!


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