El Nino


Well, the temperature is up and the mud is in full gear, thank you global warming! While last year January was stocked full of -40 degree days we are having a regular heat wave this year. Temps were over 40 degrees several times this week. We even went to the park a few times! This makes me very, very happy.

With the rising temps and thawing out of Watford City comes the mud. Lots. Of. Mud. As Benj and I drove around today counting trucks and guys (a regular week day activity for us) the mud was completely cracking me up. All my pants have rings of mud around the shins from leaning in to put Benj into his carseat. My boots are all caked in what looks like dried clay mixed with baby poop. My car would be embarrassing if everyone else’s car didn’t look the exact same. Every road is totally nasty.





About a month ago a new Holiday opened with a car wash. The one and only car wash in Watford. I’ve tried to go several times in the last week but every time the line wraps all the way around the building and I bet the wait would be 45 mins or more. I tried again today but didn’t have the patience to stick it out.



This is a portion of the lineup:



This is just a road in my neighborhood, doesn’t matter if a road here is dirt of asphalt, they all look the same right now.


And lastly, my poor car. It is so not Rich (my dad) approved.


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