Boomtown Babes


There is this rumor going around. People say there is a place in Williston where women serve coffee in bikinis, or underwear, or something. Oil dudes are lonely and have lots of cash so women have shown up in Williston to capitalize on the market.

It has gone on long enough, me wondering about the rumors, I had to finally find out for myself.

My sister was here last weekend and in a moment of silliness we went hunting for Boomtown Babes. Much to our excitement, we found “The Bakken’s Breast Coffee”.

The story goes that a women named Nyssa Gray was living in Seattle when she heard about the oil boom exploding in Williston, ND. Nyssa took every cent she had to get here and start a little coffee stand. With girls making lots of money dancing and bar tending at strip clubs in Williston, Nyssa decided to use all of her assets to make ridiculous amounts of tips just serving coffee. She now oversees 3 North Dakota locations from her new home in sunny Miami, FL.


Meet Boomtown Babe barista, Alyssa. Friendly as can be, she was more than willing to entertain our curiosity.

(The video is a little hard to hear so make sure you turn on the closed captions)

Alyssa worked for a bit bar tending and even tried dancing but got tired of that side of the oil patch. She wanted a barrier between her and her admirers and felt like Boomtown Babes would be the perfect fit.

Even with oil prices dropping business hasn’t suffered much. Alyssa averages about $200/day in cash tips with a fair amount of credit card tips as well.


This guy gave a $6 tip for a $4 cup of coffee.

If you think that is unbelievable Alyssa says that during the height of the oil boom, when there was 1 woman to 33 men, strippers could make $2-3,000/night in tips and bar tenders even more. “They are probably making a little less now,” she contemplated, “but still making a killing”.

So the rumors are pretty much true. You can drive through a hooters style coffee shop and chat for a minute with a skantily clad hottie.

Thanks Alyssa!



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