A Wedding and a Divorce

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Last Monday was one of those days when living far from home really sucked. On my day to day I can usually be in contact with my family and friends back home via phone, text, facebook, whatever and it’s all good. It’s really not that big of a deal. Miss a family dinner here and there, I’m totally fine.

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Baby Sorrow


I was not going to write a post about my stupid heart-breaking last 2 weeks. I was going to get better and move on to happier topics. I can’t, though. After all you Watfordians have shown up to lend me support, check on me, watch my son and fill my house with delicious treats and love my hand is forced. Watford, you win, you people are awesome and there is no way I can’t talk about it. Continue reading

Get-Away Destination: Watford City


I know that our friends and family love us and everything but when we were moving and everyone muttered something similar to, “We’ll definitely come up to visit you and see North Dakota!” I put little to no stock in those words. Not that I don’t believe you family, it’s just that, well, it’s North Dakota. Not exactly on the way to anywhere. Continue reading


And by days I mean weeks.

I am blaming our sick on the new North Dakota germs that we are encountering for the first time. Our immune systems are losing the fight. I am not the kind to gate ourselves off from civilization until winter is over but I’m not gonna lie, the concept was entertained this last week. My little guy, who has never had an ear infection in his life, has had a stream of them since January.

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