The Post Office duh duh duuuuh…

At 10am I only waited for 45 minutes to pick up my packages (only hehe). The post office is its own little universe here in Watford.

That line went all the way out the back door!

Every resident, especially at this time of year, depends on this understaffed over crowded little building. I have heard theories from many different friends on the best time to go. 20 minutes before it opens, middle of the day at exactly 12:26, 43 minutes before it closes (that’s the one I swear by). Packages aren’t delivered to our homes, we have to take our little slips in to grab our goodies, making the post office the gateway to Christmas surprises. A slip of paper in the mailbox brings me excitement and dread, all in one😄

But, my boy didn’t throw a tantrum, the postal workers were going as fast as they possibly could, and my peeps have been showing me major love in the form of Christmas packages❤️❤️

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