North Dakota Famous

Interview Watford City

Guys, the Bev Story is getting me some serious traction. And by traction, I mean I’m pretty much famous here now. I can’t even walk down the street without being harassed by the paparazzi (Watford’s paparazzi).

Hehe, alright maybe not exactly, but it seems that Watford City was in need of some positive publicity and mine and Bev’s little rendezvous was just what they were thinking.

Bev and Me

The visitor center where Bev works is open up above where there are some offices. When I was talking with her, my genetically loud voice carried way up there where Mr. Doug Bolken, the Director of Tourism and a city council member, was trying to get some work done. Long story short, he wandered down to see who was making the ruckus and then asked if he could pass on my info to some people who are doing projects that tell the story of Watford. And, I mean, I’m pretty busy now that I’m a stay at home mom living in a town that doesn’t even have a McDonalds, but I politely obliged (ok fine, I may have been shouting YES before he even finished his question).

First stop on my publicity tour was on Saturday with a group producing a website with interviews about various people here in Watford. Because Bev is so awesome and sweet, they wanted to highlight how great she was to us (in hopes that other people like Danny and me won’t be scared of all the talk of rough necks and crimes against women that the media loves to talk about in regards to the oil boom).

Danny and the Crew

 My camera shy husband humored me and reluctantly said yes to the media frenzy.


They mostly just asked us to chat with Bev while they filmed us, which was not too tough.

The Photographers

 Then they did an audio interview with us that they will dub over the footage.

Styled by Julia

He’s just doing a zoom in on the second batch of cookies I made for the event. Isn’t this funny?

I was so glad they included us because I got to try on every item of clothing in my closet, in every combination, and now know what my perfect on-camera outfit is (thank you Julia). It has also helped me on my quest to meet some really interesting people, find out more about Watford, and I got to see Bev again. Win-win.

You better believe I’ll be posting our interview when it gets published, they said to expect it around Feb. I’m sorry to withhold the awesomeness until then but I’ll try to fill my blog with some entertaining stuff while we wait.

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