North Dakota Famous Part 2


The first week I was here, as a real live live-in North Dakota’n, you will remember that I met Bev. That meeting led to this hilarious day which has now led to this:




Yep, that’s yours truly with my cute family and Bev! My husband’s response when I sent him these pics this morning:
“Oh my”
no punctuation, no follow-up. Being an introvert, he’s a really really good sport😄

I met and immediately adored Jessie Veeder through the visitor’s center. She wrote this piece for North Dakota Living about how awesome Bev is and how Bev helped us in our transition to Watford City. Jessie is smart and really ambitious, one of those people who make you want to go home and do all the things you’ve always said you’d do someday. Anyway, she interviewed Bev and me a while back and this appeared in my mailbox today, what a treat.

This story was written when I had been here only 2 weeks I think, so here’s a follow-up to the story 2 months later:

I still like it here! I’m still so impressed with the way that people treat me, especially the other moms. My little guy has had a bit of a fever the last few days keeping us from our regular scheduled programming. I have had numerous texts from different people checking on us and seeing how they can help. That goes a really long way with me and I really appreciate it.

I still love Bev! I’ve been sitting down with the ladies once a week since early November and they bring me so much cheer. One of these days I’ll pull out my camera if they will let me and do some stories on them if they aren’t too shy.

My husband still likes his job, we are still thrilled with his opportunity, Benj has not blown a gasket at being kept inside. I am still pleased we made the decision to come.

I do now live in real life, though, my routine is in motion. Sunday it hit -36 degrees. The garbage is piling up around my front door because we can’t stand to walk the 100 yds to the dumpster outside. This is the view out my back door today


I am not feeling inspiration from my surroundings. I am feeling inspiration from what people do with these surroundings though.

My friend Erin George’s facebook status this morning: We have no water!! Main water lines are frozen. Today is still going to be a good day!!

Isn’t that too funny? The girl is livin the North Dakota dream with 3 kids compared to my 1. If she can do it, I can do it, right??!

Reading Jessie’s article reminded me about my optimism 2 months ago, I need to hone in on the optimism I brought with me on grumpy grumbly days. Some days it’s really natural and some days I have to work at it.

Regardless though, it’s really fun to wake up and see your picture in a magazine, even if it’s a free one that gets sent to everyone in the Bakken😄



4 thoughts on “North Dakota Famous Part 2

  1. Even though it might look like your backyard is just a few colors…it is really quite beautiful. I want to paint it. :). I can feel the cold looking at the pictures though. Love the article…if I had a magazine I would write about you


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