Meet Bev


I told Bev today (and though I laughed, I was not kidding) that she is one of the reasons I felt okay about moving to Watford City.

Where? You ask. Watford City, in North Dakota, next to Montana, borders Canada, you with me?

About a month and a half ago Danny (husband) came to Watford for his job interview. With a little time to kill and not so many choices of where to wander, he went into the visitors center in the middle of town. There sat Bev.

Bev loaded him up with information, pamphlets, resources, and so much positivity about Watford. She told him that she just knew he got that job and we should come here.  And when he went to buy a patch  for his backpack, and his credit card embarresingly declined the purchase, she pulled out her wallet and bought it for him.

I mean really?

When he came home and told me about Bev I was so touched. There really is a sweet woman sitting there in Watford City totally willing to shower optimism and even pull out her wallet to help a stranger?

So one of the first things I had to do when I got here was go meet Bev, and today we did. This time she loaded me up with information and resources and her infectious smile. She has lived here 30 years, moved here at the end of the last boom she told me. 1100 people here at that time. Such a sleepy town.

Last boom? I really know nothing about this place.

But, she invited me for coffee, 9 am at Larsen’s Drug Store. The older women of the town meet there every morning for coffee and they have lots of stories they would be excited to share, says Bev. I know I love these woman already because they take their coffee at 9, they don’t like to rise too early just like me. I hope they serve Diet Coke too!

7 thoughts on “Meet Bev

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  2. I love your comments. We’ve been to Watford twice to visit our son Ty, his wife Amber and girls.We’ve enjoyed seeing everything. Their Daughters have took us to the about every place on Main Street.


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  4. So good to see your positive posts about our town and it’s people. It’s good to see it through the eyes of a new comer! We have a lot of “positives” to focus on!


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