12 degrees

It begins…


12 degrees is not new to me. Living in Logan, UT the last 6 years regularly required me to walk outside in 12 degrees. It is, however, new to me in November. It is also very very new to Benjamin…



Yes, that is the bulldozer in our apartment parking lot that we visit every day and no, Benj did not think it was very interesting or exciting today.

I’m mean, I know. You see his mouth is even turning blue?? Haha ok that is his blue raspberry sucker’s fault but still, he was very cold.

Also, when we ventured out I had NO IDEA it was 12 degrees or I might have, I don’t know, put a hat on my child, maybe a better coat, gloves even. Don’t rush to the post office to mail us warm coats, we have them. I was just completely unaware that we could get so low so fast.

Lesson learned.

“You don’t even know what cold is yet”. A phrase that some around these parts like to wear with pride as a badge of hardcoreness. I get it though, if it gets as cold as people say and I live through it, I would like a badge. I’m talking, an actual badge. “I Lived Through A North Dakota Winter” big and bold. There should at least be bragging rights.

Someone told Danny today it can get to -60. -60? Really? That seems like a bit of an exaggeration but don’t you worry, you know an insider. Look forward to many many posts about how cold my feet are and how I’m having surgery on my frost bite fingers and how Benj gets PTSD when he hears our door to the outside open.

Recon mission for the week: Find out how other moms deal with getting to and from the car with their littles. I imagine it starts with real coats and fewer selfies but what else?

Side note: See that water tower in the first picture? That is what I use to tell people where I live. “Just below the water tower”, it’s so fun!

2 thoughts on “12 degrees

  1. Literally have tears in my eyes of how terribly cold and NOT fun for little Benj. Saddest face ever! Next picture he BETTER have some of those ND clothes ON his BODY!


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