Parading, North Dakota Style

Parade of Lights Watford City“If you’re in town for Thanksgiving, go down to Main Street on Friday, lots of fun stuff will be going on”, Debbie over at Larsen’s Drug told me when I was sitting with the ladies last week. We were staying in town, not much to do, so I filed that one away. I also heard or saw something somewhere else about some kind of parade at, like 6ish, or something on that same day. Continue reading

Oil Land Term of the Day: FR Clothing

Flame Resistant Clothing

When I found out that my husband needed to wear FR Clothing while out in the field my first thought was, oh cool he will be so protected out there and my second thought was, wait, how often will he be faced with accidental and sudden fires? None so far, but we’ve only been here a month so I’ll keep you updated. Continue reading

On Trying to Explain My New Home, Far Away, On the Frontier

Guys, I haven’t written poetry since college. Probably in at least 6 years. I was forced to be prolific. So now, this blog is my push. I sat down today to blow off the dust and scrub down the rust (you see that rhyming there?) Ok, really, I wanted to get something good, real deep, down on paper today and all that came was this little ditty. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the phone with friends and family, and when people ask me what it’s like here they get a lot of, ummm, well, it’s, sorta’s…. so that might have something to do with it.

Continue reading