Fall/Winter Activities for Littles in Watford City

Watford City Children's Park

Waking up everyday to the sun shining in my window, getting breakfast in Benji’s mouth as fast as I can, stuffing him in a stroller and heading off to the splash pad. That, my friends, is what I call heaven. I’m easy to please right?

Here’s the thing though, summer is fast coming to an end. I am having anticipatory anxiety thinking about the cold which will soon come down upon Watford City. I need that cold front to hover safely around me but to stay clear of my mental health. Cold days can easily make me feel sad and trapped and the way that I combat that is activities. I need activities people!

Here are the requirements: They must be inside, my kid must like them, and they can’t be too pricey. I’ve been doing my research and thought I would share my findings with you (click on the titles to be directed to each respective website).

Here are options around here for pre-school aged kids

Gymnastics: Enroll in a mommy and me or tots gymnastics class on Wednesdays or Thursdays at several different times. They run in 8 week sessions and classes come out to about $9 per class. There is an annual registration fee of $40. These classes fill up quick so go check out their facebook page for info on signing up on Aug 25 & 27. If you are not quite so scheduled or wanna do gymnastics for a little less $$ you can take your kids to “open gym” time Fridays 10-11:15 for $5 and 4-5:30 for $8 per time. You do not need to pay the registration fee to do the open gym time. We did open gym lots last winter, they turn on music and let the kids do their thing on the equipment.

Meadowlark Dance Classes: I am so excited for this one taught by Lindsay Wingerter. There are ballet classes for all ages but you moms looking for daytime activities for your littles should sign up for the tot class on Tuesdays or Wednesdays 2-2:30. A session is 7 weeks long and is $100 for the tot class so about $14/class.

Rough Rider Stables Horseback Riding Lessons: I haven’t done this one yet so don’t know much about it but here is some info on pricing. A Beginner Plan of 5 Lessons is $225 which are private lessons with a highly seasoned and advanced instructor. And if you buy 10 lessons there is a $25 discount. The instructor will tailor your program and work with your schedule. They will shortly be adding group lessons for $35 per lesson (2-4 riders) and also leasing horses. There is also a little learn to ride kids day camp coming up. Message them on facebook for more information about registering!

Swimming Lessons at the Williston ARC: I am a big fan of the ARC. Swim lessons this summer were so full here in town and I am been sort of saving that activity for cold days. Their lessons are inside and there is a 4 day mommy and me session, half hour long for $20. There is a guppy class which is a 2 week session with 8 classes for $41. The fall schedule has not been posted yet but check out their page of give them a call (701-572-9272) mid-late August or shoot me and email and we’ll carpool!

Williston ARC Soccer Lessons: From 8/22 – 9/26 there is a parent assisted 5 week soccer program from kids ages 3-4 for $20. They will be held Saturdays from 10-10:45am. Register online at the link in title or give them a call 701-572-9272.

Wolf Pup Preschool: As far as I know the only option for preschool here in Watford is through Wolf Pup. Their preschool is Mon – Fri 12:15-3:15 for $300/month. I spoke with them and as of now they still have openings for that afternoon session and if there is enough interest they could open up a morning session as well. Check out their site here or give them a call 701 842 3075. I spent some time at Wolf Pup last year and was so impressed with their facility. Indoor gym, library, awesome classrooms. They’re cool so if you need a preschool I recommend them!

Civic Center Play Group: Last year a bunch of moms met up at the civic center, brought little riding toys and let the kids go wild. They loved it and I loved seeing all my buds, I wrote about it here. I’d love to get that going again this Fall. I’m thinking thursdays at 10ish? Thoughts? Email me and I’ll get your number and fill you in on what time people like.

MOPS: MOPS is a chance for moms to get together upstairs listening to uplifting messages and doing activities while the kiddos hang out with some babysitters downstairs. My Benj was super happy with the toys and sitters and indoor slide. We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday every month from 9-11am at the Assembly of God Church. There is an open house for MOPS, time to meet people and register on Sept 1st, regular time regular place, and regular meetings start Sept. 15. Registration fee is something like $50 plus a little for childcare but that is good through May 2016. You can join anytime through the year as well.

Library: The library offers some story times for the kiddos. They are winding up their summer reading program but will update their fall story times on their facebook page here. They also have a little kids reading section so you can always head over there and let your little pick out some books!

Hockey and Ice Skating: We have an awesome rink and a really great program for both hockey and ice skating as far as I’ve heard. Kids can start as young as 4. The dates and registration information have not been posted yet but I’ll keep you updated or you can continue checking their sites – Ice Skating info here and Hockey info here. But this post is for the littles so you might be interested in their learn to skate program. It is $75 to rent the equipment. More details to come on that as it gets closer.

Watford Parks and Rec: I spoke to the Parks and Rec director – Keith Larson about upcoming activities. They don’t currently offer any sports or activities for the littles in Fall or Winter but he said they were working on getting a few things started. I asked him who I can bug to get some things going and he said him! So, I will continue bugging him:)

Movie Theater: They usually do some matinee showings of whatever kid movie they have in. Check them out here or give them a call 701 842 6859.

Awanan at the Assembly of God Church: Every Wednesday night from 7-8:15pm there is a bible study, songs, and games at the Assembly of God! There are classes for kids ages 3-12 and adult classes, there is also a nursery provided for the littles younger than 3.

Cross Point Church Activities: Every Wednesday night from 6:45-8 any preschool to 5th grade aged kid is invited to the Cross Point Church for fun, games, and christian themed lessons.

Little Wolves Cheerleading: Sign ups for little wolves cheerleading is going on now. Ages 4-12 and registration is $75 and the girls get an authentic cheer uniform. They cheer for the parks and rec games starting with football, then basketball, and last soccer.

I can’t get up and go to the park everyday this winter on account of the frost bite but I can keep my kid happy and busy!

Now the real question is – What did I miss? What do you do to keep your kiddos busy?


Enjoying every minute of park time!

1 thought on “Fall/Winter Activities for Littles in Watford City

  1. Hello. My family and I just moved to Watford City. I read a few of your blogs and I am very appreciative of your time put into find activities for our ‘babies!’ I have a 3 year old that will be 4 October 4th and a 5 month old. I am interested in any and everything you have to do for those ages! Please feel free to email, Facebook or text/call me if you need some help getting something put together. I look forward to meeting you and your sweet boy and enjoying some fun activities together. (:

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