Tonight I am thinking about babies. No, I’m not pregnant. I’m thinking about other people’s babies. People I love are welcoming babies and my heart wants to leap out and throw emojis in the air or order everyone pizza or have a really big party, with a long line of smooshy babies wearing only onesies and leg warmers. None of those things are all that accessible to me right now, though, so I am sitting at my sewing machine making dresses and bows and bow ties. Those babies are so far away and that makes me sad and that, I cannot dwell on.


Sewing can be a really therapeutic for me, but is definitely not possible during the day when Godzilla, oops I mean Benjamin, is up and at ’em. He loves the machine, and my pins, and all that thread. So, here I am at 3am sewing. It feels really nice actually.

My plight, not being able to squeeze everyone’s babies, is not unique to me living in North Dakota. I guess we can’t all live in one place, where I can get in my car every day and drive up and down the streets popping into see every person I have ever cared about. That’s not a special problem that only I happen to have. But, all this beige and wind makes me feel just a tad bit bad for myself, it’s fuel for my sewing rampage. Things I am working on tonight are going to Seattle, California, Portland, Uganda, and right upstairs. That’s quite the spread of new or almost cooked babies whom I would like access to squeeze.

For your viewing pleasure, here is my new nephew Max, who has only received loves from me via solar waves (does the sun need to be out for that to work?) and facetime oogles.


I want to do that side jump heel click thing in celebration of these babes. A baby being born is so mundane, happens everyday, every minute. So average but so special. That’s that funny thing about our human experience, billions of people yet each birth is a big deal, just ask the mama getting that babe here….. ok I guess I should get in bed before I start getting really over caffeinated philosophical on you. Night!


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