Sit & Chat

Thurs nights, 8:30-midnight, you can find my kind of mormon ladies hanging out in Watford City.


They are not only hilarious and have some serious grit (I mean grit like, I lived in an RV for a year with my 6 kids in North Dakota kind of grit) but they plan their get togethers to last at least until midnight on a random week night. Come on, that’s great. I was so warmly welcomed as well, I loved it.

I learned a few things tonight. 1. As mentioned above, RV’s are a perfectly acceptable place to live here; 2. Toddlers can start playing hockey (looking into signing up benj tmrw); 3. While starting pay at high schooly jobs is outrageously high here ($12-$15/hr) you can still get a teenage girl to watch your kid for $5/hr; 4. I should start packing if I really want to fit in around here πŸ”«

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