A Wedding and a Divorce

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Last Monday was one of those days when living far from home really sucked. On my day to day I can usually be in contact with my family and friends back home via phone, text, facebook, whatever and it’s all good. It’s really not that big of a deal. Miss a family dinner here and there, I’m totally fine.

The days that are hardest for me are when there is no substitute for being there in person. When my nephew was born and I met him over facetime it was super lame. When my sister lost her job and I couldn’t sit with her it hurt. After I had my miscarriage I just needed my mom and sis here with me, hugging me in person.

Well last weekend I spoke to my other sister several times about her upcoming court date, the first step in her divorce process. She was kind of a mess. I got her a little inspirational necklace and card and put it in the mail on Friday. I kept telling myself, it is okay, I can’t run home for everything, she is going to be fine. But then Monday came and it was clear that she was not okay.

I hung up the phone and pulled open my computer to buy a ticket home for the next morning. There are times when no amount of talking or sending moral support via solar waves is good enough. Sometimes we need our person to sit their butt right down next to us and hold our hand.

This is what you call, a going to court selfie

This is what you call, a going to court selfie

Thank goodness North Dakota is not too far from Utah and if I need to get home in a jiff I can. My bank account moaned a little bit but I decided to worry about that part later.

Incidentally, the court date coincided with Danny’s cousin’s wedding so we made a weekend out of it. Again, sitting there watching these two adorable people get married I was struck, I could not feel what I felt, really participate or celebrate, from far away.

My mother, in true Tricia fashion, put together a pool party for my family to take advantage of the day we were there. My goofy niece and nephews made me so happy.

Technology is great, it is amazing. But, it is no substitute for a warm body, an embrace, words of encouragement whispered in person. I feel so fortunate that I could be with all of my lovely people, even if it was for just a split second.

I feel rejuvenated, I feel refreshed. My bucket of familiar love has been filled up and now I am back on the plains.

4 thoughts on “A Wedding and a Divorce

  1. “Life is frustrating. Bad things happen. We experience pain,heartache,failure, sadness, and sorrow. But that’s what makes it great. Pain develops strength, heartache brings greater appreciation for love. Failure brings perseverance and joy when u succeed. Sadness and sorrow can put us on the right path if we deal with it the right way.” Love yea Betsy and Danny. It was great see u guys and everyone else. Love the article.:) how important it is to first seek to understand, before being understood. Keep up the awesome writing. 👍😀


  2. Betsy – you sound just like your Mom here. And she sounds a lot like your Grandma Dorothy. It’s comforting to know their down to earth and loving perspective lives on in you!


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