Northern Lights

We kicked off Memorial Day weekend right with a CD release concert from Jessie Veeder at Outlaws. Once again, I had a great time mingling with Watford City old-timers, getting a taste of small town fun.


Jessie is somewhat of a Watford City super star. You say her name and most everyone, especially those that have been here for some time, shine with pride that she hails from our small town. She’s is one of the most dynamic people I’ve ever met. She freelance writes all over the state, her photography pops up every where, and she just released her 4th album, recorded in Nashville no less. Not only that but she is hilarious, fun, and was so so welcoming to me when I first got here. She deserves her stardom.


The crowd loved her, there was a sea of cowboy hats and camaraderie. Her handsome husband stood at the side selling her T-shirts and albums. My night reminded me how fun and random it is here. She mentioned in her show that she thinks everyone who lives here is a little bit crazy, it’s so true! That crazy ties us together.


She sings about growing up in a boomtown, about strong women who know how to work, about ranch life and the North Dakota weather.

I got a hint, sitting there, of days gone by, people sitting together playing music after a long day of working out in the harsh North Dakota weather. Her music paired with the happy faces in the crowd, people greeting each other, sharing jokes, introducing themselves to me like I was really welcome, brought that feeling of nostalgia for a life I’ve never even experienced.

IMG_7897That’s her dad playing with her there in the cowboy hat. Adorable.

You can read her blog over at or pick up her CD on iTunes – Jessie Veeder, Northern Lights.

Thanks for the show Jessie!

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