Christmas Trees in Watford City!

Christmas Trees

When you need something in Watford City like, a babysitter, or custard filled maple doughnuts, or a pediatrician, or a garbage can, or, say, a christmas tree, what you do is ask everyone. That’s the deal around here. You ask your friends, you ask the Facebook group “Whatz Up Watford City”, you ask the lady you buy your drink from at the Kum and Go. Not a whole lot of info on the internet but people here have all the answers. You just have to keep asking until you find them.

And that is how my search for a christmas tree commenced, I started asking. It didn’t take long until a new bud came through with some inside info (I usually don’t have to go much further than this).

There is a family, here in Watford, who go and get some trees every year then bring them here to sell. Limited number, get them while they’re hot! My sources tell me that this is the only place to get one here. I’m glad we didn’t have to drive an hour or more to get a tree, because that seems to be the next option…now to find our christmas tree stand.

They are selling them out of their house – 308 4th St. NE

christmas trees watford city

Lots of options, we got a 6 foot beauty of a Balsam for $60. They had some other options for as low as $45 and then some real lookers for as much as $120. If your place is small they have adorable little guys that come with a stand for $35. Go get one!




2 thoughts on “Christmas Trees in Watford City!

  1. This made me tear up since my little brother and his family, Mitch and Sandee, Ryne, Savannah, and little Sierra Griffin are the owners of The Tree Haus!! I live 12 hours from them so I miss them very much. They are now celebrities!!! Thank you, Betsy Bakken for doing this article!!!


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